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URSI Structure


Current Officers

Prof. Paul Cannon

Past President
Prof. Phil Wilkinson

Prof. Paul Lagasse



Prof. Subra Ananthakrishnan (India)

Prof. Makoto Ando

Prof. Yahia M.M. Antar

Prof. Umran S. Inan

The URSI Secretariat

Prof. Paul Lagasse (Belgium)

Assistant Secretary-General
Prof. Peter Van Daele (Belgium)

Assistant Secretary-General (Publications):
Dr. W. Ross Stone (USA)

Prof. Kazuya Kobayashi
Assistant Secretary General AP-RASC)

Prof. Piergiorgio L. E. Uslenghi
Assistant Secretary General AT-RASC



Executive Secretary:
Mrs. Inge Heleu

Administrative Secretary:
Mrs. Inge Lievens


Chairs of the Commissions

2014-Koyama, Y.JapanCommission A
2014-Sihvola, A.FinlandCommission B
2014-Salous, S.U.K.Commission C
2014-Steinmeyer, G.GermanyCommission D
2014-Giri, D.USACommission E
2014-Paloscia, S.ItalyCommission F
2014-Stanislawska, I.PolandCommission G
2014-Santolik, O.Czech RepublicCommission H
2014-Baan, W.NetherlandsCommission J
2014-Wiart, J.FranceCommission K
2011-14Davis, W.A.USACommission A
2011-14Manara, G.ItalyCommission B
2011-14Luise, M.ItalyCommission C
2011-14Tedjini, S.FranceCommission D
2011-14Van Deursen, A.P.J.NetherlandsCommission E
2011-14Lang, R.H.USACommission F
2011-14Mathews, J.D.USACommission G
2011-14Santolik, O.Czech RepublicCommission H
2011-14Jonas, J.South AfricaCommission J
2011-14Taki, M.JapanCommission K
2008-11Langenberg, K.J.GermanyCommission B
2008-11Ohira, T.JapanCommission C
2008-11Kärtner, F.USACommission D
2008-11Christoupoulos, C.United KingdomCommission E
2008-11Chandra, M.GermanyCommission F
2008-11Rietveld, M.NorwayCommission G
2008-11Omura, Y.JapanCommission H
2008-11Ananthakrishnan, S.IndiaCommission J
2008-11D'Inzeo, G.ItalyCommission K
2006-11Banerjee, P.IndiaCommission A
2005-08Shafai, L.CanadaCommission B
2005-08Molisch, A.F.USACommission C
2005-08de Fornel, F.FranceCommission D
2005-08Canavero, F.G.ItalyCommission E
2005-08Sobieski, P.BelgiumCommission F
2005-08Cannon, P.U.K.Commission G
2005-08Horne, R.B.U.K.Commission H
2005-08Schilizzi, R.T.The NetherlandsCommission J
2005-08Prato, F.CanadaCommission K
2005-06Pollitt, S.U.K.Commission A
2002-05Balzano, Q.USACommission A
2002-05Ando, M.JapanCommission B
2002-05Akaike, M.JapanCommission C
2002-05Russer, P.GermanyCommission D
2002-05Degauque, P.FranceCommission E
2002-05Hallikainen, M.FinlandCommission F
2002-05Hanuise, Chr.FranceCommission G
2002-05Inan, U.USACommission H
2002-05Inoue, M.JapanCommission J
2002-05Veyret, B.FranceCommission K
1999-02Bava, E.ItalyCommission A
1999-02Ström, S.E.G.SwedenCommission B
1999-02Bonek, E.AustriaCommission C
1999-02Seeds, A.J.U.K.Commission D
1999-02Gardner, R.L.U.S.A.Commission E
1999-02Furuhama, Y.JapanCommission F
1999-02Wilkinson, Ph.AustraliaCommission G
1999-02James, H.G.CanadaCommission H
1999-02Hewitt, J.N.U.S.A.Commission J
1999-02Ueno, S.JapanCommission K
1996-99Kanda, M.USACommission A
1996-99Butler, C.M.USACommission B
1996-99Lucas, J.G.AustraliaCommission C
1996-99Sorrentino, R.ItalyCommission D
1996-99Hayakawa, M.JapanCommission E
1996-99Hall, M.P.M.U.K.Commission F
1996-99Reinisch, B.W.USACommission G
1996-99Fiala, V.Czech Rep.Commission H
1996-99Booth, R.S.SwedenCommission J
1996-99Lin, J.C.USACommission K
1993-95Stumper, U.GermanyCommission A
1993-95Olver, A.D.U.K.Commission B
1993-95Wittke, P.H.CanadaCommission C
1993-95Itoh, T.USACommission D
1993-95Scuka, V.SwedenCommission E
1993-95Moore, R.K.USACommission F
1993-95Schlegel, K.GermanyCommission G
1993-95Lefeuvre, F.FranceCommission H
1993-95Parijskij, Y.N.RussiaCommission J
1993-95Bernardi, P.ItalyCommission K
1990-92Vanier, J.CanadaCommission A
1990-92Gardiol, F.SwitzerlandCommission B
1990-92Matthews, P.A.U.K.Commission C
1990-92Henaff, J.FranceCommission D
1990-92Hamelin, J.FranceCommission E
1990-92Brussaard, G.NetherlandsCommission F
1990-92Wernik, A.W.PolandCommission G
1990-92Benson, R.F.USACommission H
1990-92Ekers, R.USACommission J
1990-92Stuchly, M.A.CanadaCommission K
1987-89Leschiutta, S.ItalyCommission A
1987-89Senior, T.B.A.USACommission B
1987-89Saal, R.GermanyCommission C
1987-89Okoshi, T.JapanCommission D
1987-89Kikuchi, H.JapanCommission E
1987-89Crane, R.K.USACommission F
1987-89Rishbeth, H.U.K.Commission G
1987-89Matsumoto, H.JapanCommission H
1987-89Frater, R.H.AustraliaCommission J
1984-86Hahn, S.PolandCommission A
1984-86Andersen, J.B.DenmarkCommission B
1984-86Geher, K.HungaryCommission C
1984-86Gambling, W.A.U.K.Commission D
1984-86Stumpers, F.L.H.M.NetherlandsCommission E
1984-86Fedi, F.ItalyCommission F
1984-86Aarons, J.USACommission G
1984-86Dowden, R.L.New ZealandCommission H
1984-86Wielebinski, R.GermanyCommission J
1981-83Kose, V.GermanyCommission A
1981-83UngerGermanyCommission B
1981-83Wolf, J.K.USACommission C
1981-83Le Mezec, J.FranceCommission D
1981-83Lundquist, S.SwedenCommission E
1981-83Gjessing, D.NorwayCommission F
1981-83Bauer, P.FranceCommission G
1981-83Petit, M.FranceCommission H
1981-83Radhakrishnan, V.IndiaCommission J
1978-80Okamura, S.JapanCommission A
1978-80Felsen, L.B.USACommission B
1978-80Zima, V.CzechoslovakiaCommission C
1978-80Farnell, W.G.CanadaCommission D
1978-80Hagn, G.H.USACommission E
1978-80Waterman, A.T.USACommission F
1978-80Hultqvist, B.SwedenCommission G
1978-80Crawford, F.W.USACommission H
1978-80Tanaka, H.JapanCommission J
1975-77Altschuler, H.M.USACommission A
1975-77Van Bladel, J.BelgiumCommission B
1975-77Picinbono, B.FranceCommission C
1975-77Smolinski, A.PolandCommission D
1975-77Likhter, Ya.I.USSRCommission E
1975-77Eklund, F.SwedenCommission F
1975-77King, J.W.U.K.Commission G
1975-77Gendrin, R.FranceCommission H
1975-77Westerhout, G.USACommission J
1972-74Lundbom, P.O.SwedenCommission I
1972-74Misme, P.FranceCommission II
1972-74Bowhill, S.A.USACommission III
1972-74Scarf, F.L.USACommission IV
1972-74Locke, J.L.CanadaCommission V
1972-74Siegel, K.M.USACommission VI
1972-74Cullen, A.L.U.K.Commission VII
1972-74Clarence, N.D.South AfricaCommission VIII
1969-72Zhabotinskii, M.E.USSRCommission I
1969-72Gordon, W.E.U.K.Commission II
1969-72Rawer, K.GermanyCommission III
1969-72Dungey, J.W.U.K.Commission IV
1969-72Muller, C.A.NetherlandsCommission V
1969-72Barlow, H.M.U.K.Commission VI
1969-72Chodorow, M.USACommission VII
1969-72Rivault, R.FranceCommission VIII
1966-68Saxton, J.A.U.K.Commission II
1966-68Hines, C.O.USACommission III
1966-68Booker, H.G.USACommission IV
1966-68Blum, E.J.FranceCommission V
1966-68Stumpers, F.L.H.M.NetherlandsCommission VI
1963-68Essen, L.U.K.Commission I
1963-68Grivet, P.FranceCommission VII
1963-65Booker, H.G.USACommission IV
1963-65Christiansen, W.N.AustraliaCommission V
1963-65Stumpers, F.L.H.M.NetherlandsCommission VI
1960-65Voge, J.FranceCommission II
1960-62Adelsberger, U.GermanyCommission I
1960-62Loeb, J.FranceCommission VI
1957-65Ratcliffe, J.A.U.K.Commission III
1957-62Helliwell, R.A.USACommission IV
1957-62Lovell, A.C.B.U.K.Commission V
1957-62Shepherd, W.G.USACommission VII
1954-60Decaux, B.FranceCommission I
1954-60Smith-Rose, R.L.U.K.Commission II
1954-60Martyn, D.F.AustraliaCommission III
1954-60Martyn, D.F.AustraliaCommission III
1953-60Laffineur, M.FranceCommission V
1953-60Silver, S.U.K.Commission VI
1953-60Woonton, G.A.CanadaCommission VII
1953-56Ratcliffe, J.A.U.K.Commission IV
1953-55Van Atta, L.C.USACommission VI
1953-54Smith-Rose, R.L.U.K.Commission I
1950-53LehmannFranceCommission VII
1948-55Burrows, Ch.R.U.K.Commission II
1948-55Appleton, E.V.U.K.Commission III
1948-55Martyn, D.F.AustraliaCommission V
1948-52Van Der Pol, B.NetherlandsCommission VI
1948-50Norinder, H.SwedenCommission IV
1948-50LehmannFranceCommission VII
1948-50Van Der Pol, B.NetherlandsCommission VII
1947-48Van Der Pol, B.NetherlandsCommission IV
1946-52Dellinger, J.H.USACommission I
1946-48Bureau, R.FranceCommission III
1946-47Appleton, E.V.U.K.Commission II
1938-40Vallauri, G.ItalyCommission VI
1936-46Van Der Pol, B.NetherlandsCommission V
1936-40Rayner, E.H.U.K.Commission I
1936-40Appleton, E.V.U.K.Commission III
1934-46Dellinger, J.H.USACommission II

Early Career Representatives (ECR)

2014-Dr. Cruz, PedroPortugalCommission A
2014-Dr. Li, LianLin China, CIECommission B
2014-Dr. He, RuisiChina, CIECommission C
2014-Dr. Vena, ArnaudFranceCommission D
2014-Dr. Gradoni, GabrieleUnited KingdomCommission E
2014-Dr. Kurum, MehmetTurkeyCommission F
2014-Dr. Datta-Barua, SeebanyUSACommission G
2014-Dr. Li, WenUSACommission H
2014-Dr. Wijnholds, Stefan (ECR Chair)The NetherlandsCommission J
2014-Dr. Siemion, AndrewUSACommission J
2014-Dr. Mojabi, PuyanCanadaCommission K

Regional URSI Network Committees

Board Liaison with Commissions

In order to keep a closer link with the URSI Commissions, each Vice-President will serve as a liaison for one or more Commissions:

  • Prof. S. Ananthakrishnan    Commission E & J
  • Prof. M. Ando    Commission B & C & K
  • Prof. U.S. Inan    Commission G & H & F
  • Prof. Y.M.M. Antar    Commission A & D

Ad-hoc groups

Scientific Programme XXXIInd General Assembly

  • Coordinator: Dr. Y. Yan (China, CIE)
  • Associate coordinators: Dr. F. Labeau (Canada), Dr. W.R. Stone (USA), Prof. P. Van Daele (Belgium)


Standing Committees

Standing Publications Committee

Chair : Dr. W.R. Stone (U.S.A.)

Members :

  • Prof. P. Cannon (U.K.)
  • Prof. P. Lagasse (Belgium)
  • Prof. S.C. Reising (USA)
  • Prof. T. Tanzi (France)
  • Dr. P. Wilkinson (Australia)


Standing Committee on Young Scientists

Chair : Prof. K. Schlegel (Germany)

Members :

  • Mr. J. Hamelin (France)
  • Prof. P. Kaufman (Brazil)
  • Prof. K. Kobayashi (Japan)
  • Prof. S.C. Reising (USA)
  • Prof. K. Schlegel (Germany)
  • Prof. P. Van Daele (Belgium)


Past Chairs Advisory Committee

Chair :Prof. A. Van Deursen (the Netherlands)

Members :

  • Prof. P. Cannon (U.K.)
  • Dr. W.A. Davis (USA)
  • Prof. J. Jonas (South Africa)
  • Prof. P. Lagasse (Belgium) (ex officio)
  • Dr. R.H. Lang (USA)
  • Prof. M. Luise (Italy)
  • Prof. G. Manara (Italy)
  • Prof. J.D. Mathews (USA)
  • Prof. O. Santolik (Czech Republic)
  • Prof. M. Taki (Japan)
  • Dr. S. Tedjini (France)
  • Prof. P. Van Daele (Belgium)


AP-RASC Standing Committee

Chair : Prof. K. Kobayashi (Japan)

Members :

  • Prof. M. Ando (Japan)
  • Prof. A. Bhattacharyya (India)
  • Prof. P. Cannon (U.K.)
  • Prof. P. Lagasse (Belgium)
  • Prof. L.C. Lee (China, SRS)
  • Prof. S. Nam (South Korea)
  • Prof. P. Smith (Australia)
  • Prof. N. Thomson (New Zealand)
  • Prof. P. Van Daele (Belgium)
  • Dr. P. Wilkinson (Australia)
  • Dr. J. Wu (China, CIE)

List of Officials

List of URSI Officials


Honorary Presidents

2002-07Mitra, A.P.India
1999-Van Bladel, J.G.Belgium
1990-10Gordon, W.E.USA
1990-03Stumpers, F.L.H.M.Netherlands
1984-07Christiansen, W.N.Australia
1981-96Beynon, Sir G.UK
1981-83Koga, I.Japan
1978-89Booker, H.G.USA
1978-00Dieminger, W.Germany
1972-76Silver, S.USA
1969-75Manneback, Ch,Belgium
1966-87Ratcliffe, J.A.UK
1966-80Smith-Rose, R.L.UK
1963-67Berkner, L.V.USA
1952-65Appleton, Sir E.V.UK
1952-62Dellinger, J.H.USA
1952-59Van Der Pol, B.Belgium
1948-65Bureau, R.France
1946-63Rayner, E.H.UK
1946-50Mesny, R.France
1934-66Eccles, W.E.UK
1934-39Kennelly, A.EUSA
1914-34H.M. King AlbertBelgium


2014-Cannon, P.U.K.
2011-14Wilkinson, P.H.Australia
2009-11Lefeuvre, FFrance
2008-09Gert BrussaardNetherlands
2005-08Lefeuvre, F.France
2002-05Schlegel, K.Germany
1999-02Matsumoto, H.Japan
1996-99Senior, T.B.A.USA
1993-96Bauer, P.France
1990-93Jull, E.V.Canada
1987-90Cullen, A.L.UK
1984-87Mitra, A.P.India
1981-84Gordon, W.E.USA
1978-81Christiansen, W.N.Australia
1975-78Voge, J.France
1972-75Beynon, W.J.G.UK
1969-72Dieminger, W.Germany
1966-69Silver, S.USA
1963-66Koga, I.Japan
1960-63Smith-Rose, R.L.UK
1957-60Berkner, L.V.USA
1952-57Lejay, P.France
1934-52Appleton, Sir E.V.UK
1932-34Kennelly, A.E.USA
1932-32Austin, L.W.USA
1919-1932Ferrier, General G.France


2014-Antar, Y.M.M.Canada
2014-Inan, U.S.USA
2011-14Uslenghi, P.L.E.USA
2011-14Cannon, P.U.K.
2011--Ando, M.Japan
2011--Ananthakrishnan, S.India
2008-11Antar, Y.M.M.Canada
2008-11Inan, U.S.USA
2005-11Hallikainen, M.T.Finland
2005-11Wilkinson, P.H.Australia
2005-08Brussaard, GNetherlands
2002-08Butler, C.M.USA
2002-05Lefeuvre, F.France
1999-05Wernik, A.W.Poland
1999-05Wittke, P.H.Canada
1999-02Schlegel, K.Germany
1996-99Stuchly, M.A.Canada
1996-02Shapira, J.Israel
1995-99Matsumoto, H.Japan
1993-99Clarricoats, P.J.B.U.K.
1993-96Senior, T.B.A.USA
1990-96Andersen, J.B.Denmark
1990-94Okoshi, T.Japan
1990-93Bauer, P.France
1987-93Dowden, R.L.New Zealand
1987-90Jull, E.V.Canada
1984-90Zima, V.Czechoslovakia
1984-90Albrecht, H.J.Germany
1981-87Cullen, A.L.U.K.
1981-87Okamura, S.Japan
1978-84Smolinski, A.Poland
1978-84Mitra, A.P.India
1975-81Gordon, W.E.USA
1975-81Stumpers, F.L.H.M.Netherlands
1972-78Christiansen, W.N.Australia
1972-78Migulin, V.V.USSR
1969-75Booker, H.G.USA
1969-75Voge, J.France
1966-72Groszkowski, J.Poland
1966-72Beynon, W.J.G.U.K.
1966-69Dieminger, W.Germany
1966-69Boella, M.Italy
1960-66Decaux, B.France
1960-65Prokhorov, A.USSR
1957-63Woonton, G.A.Canada
1957-62Koga, I.Japan
1955-58Krishnan, K.S.India
1954-57Berkner, L.V.USA
1954-55Smith-Rose, R.L.U.K.
1952-55Burrows, C.R.USA
1952-55Tellegen, B.D.H.Netherlands
1950-54Martyn, D.F.Australia
1948-57Lejay, P.France
1948-49Dorsimont, A.Belgium
1948-49Lugeon, J.Switzerland
1946-49Sterky, H.Sweden
1946-48Jouaust, R.France
1938-46Pession, G.Italy
1938-46Zenneck, J.Germany
1934-52Dellinger, J.H.USA
1934-50Van der Pol, B.Netherlands
1934-46Mesny, R.France
1928-46Nagaoka, R.Japan
1927-34Bjerknes, V.Norway
1921-34Eccles, W.E.United Kingdom
1921-34Vanni, G.Italy
1921-33Austin, A.W.USA

Chairs of the Commissions

2014-Koyama, Y.Japan
2014-Sihvola, A.Finland
2014-Salous, S.U.K.
2014-Steinmeyer, G.Germany
2014-Giri, D.USA
2014-Paloscia, S.Italy
2014-Stanislawska, I.Poland
2014-Santolik, O.Czech Republic
2014-Baan, W.Netherlands
2014-Wiart, J.France
2011-14Davis, W.A.USA
2011-14Manara, G.Italy
2011-14Luise, M.Italy
2011-14Tedjini, S.France
2011-14Van Deursen, A.P.J.Netherlands
2011-14Lang, R.H.USA
2011-14Mathews, J.D.USA
2011-14Santolik, O.Czech Republic
2011-14Jonas, J.South Africa
2011-14Taki, M.Japan
2008-11Langenberg, K.J.Germany
2008-11Ohira, T.Japan
2008-11Kärtner, F.USA
2008-11Christoupoulos, C.United Kingdom
2008-11Chandra, M.Germany
2008-11Rietveld, M.Norway
2008-11Omura, Y.Japan
2008-11Ananthakrishnan, S.India
2008-11D'Inzeo, G.Italy
2006-11Banerjee, P.India
2005-08Shafai, L.Canada
2005-08Molisch, A.F.USA
2005-08de Fornel, F.France
2005-08Canavero, F.G.Italy
2005-08Sobieski, P.Belgium
2005-08Cannon, P.U.K.
2005-08Horne, R.B.U.K.
2005-08Schilizzi, R.T.The Netherlands
2005-08Prato, F.Canada
2005-06Pollitt, S.U.K.
2002-05Balzano, Q.USA
2002-05Ando, M.Japan
2002-05Akaike, M.Japan
2002-05Russer, P.Germany
2002-05Degauque, P.France
2002-05Hallikainen, M.Finland
2002-05Hanuise, Chr.France
2002-05Inan, U.USA
2002-05Inoue, M.Japan
2002-05Veyret, B.France
1999-02Bava, E.Italy
1999-02Ström, S.E.G.Sweden
1999-02Bonek, E.Austria
1999-02Seeds, A.J.U.K.
1999-02Gardner, R.L.U.S.A.
1999-02Furuhama, Y.Japan
1999-02Wilkinson, Ph.Australia
1999-02James, H.G.Canada
1999-02Hewitt, J.N.U.S.A.
1999-02Ueno, S.Japan
1996-99Kanda, M.USA
1996-99Butler, C.M.USA
1996-99Lucas, J.G.Australia
1996-99Sorrentino, R.Italy
1996-99Hayakawa, M.Japan
1996-99Hall, M.P.M.U.K.
1996-99Reinisch, B.W.USA
1996-99Fiala, V.Czech Rep.
1996-99Booth, R.S.Sweden
1996-99Lin, J.C.USA
1993-95Stumper, U.Germany
1993-95Olver, A.D.U.K.
1993-95Wittke, P.H.Canada
1993-95Itoh, T.USA
1993-95Scuka, V.Sweden
1993-95Moore, R.K.USA
1993-95Schlegel, K.Germany
1993-95Lefeuvre, F.France
1993-95Parijskij, Y.N.Russia
1993-95Bernardi, P.Italy
1990-92Vanier, J.Canada
1990-92Gardiol, F.Switzerland
1990-92Matthews, P.A.U.K.
1990-92Henaff, J.France
1990-92Hamelin, J.France
1990-92Brussaard, G.Netherlands
1990-92Wernik, A.W.Poland
1990-92Benson, R.F.USA
1990-92Ekers, R.USA
1990-92Stuchly, M.A.Canada
1987-89Leschiutta, S.Italy
1987-89Senior, T.B.A.USA
1987-89Saal, R.Germany
1987-89Okoshi, T.Japan
1987-89Kikuchi, H.Japan
1987-89Crane, R.K.USA
1987-89Rishbeth, H.U.K.
1987-89Matsumoto, H.Japan
1987-89Frater, R.H.Australia
1984-86Hahn, S.Poland
1984-86Andersen, J.B.Denmark
1984-86Geher, K.Hungary
1984-86Gambling, W.A.U.K.
1984-86Stumpers, F.L.H.M.Netherlands
1984-86Fedi, F.Italy
1984-86Aarons, J.USA
1984-86Dowden, R.L.New Zealand
1984-86Wielebinski, R.Germany
1981-83Kose, V.Germany
1981-83Wolf, J.K.USA
1981-83Le Mezec, J.France
1981-83Lundquist, S.Sweden
1981-83Gjessing, D.Norway
1981-83Bauer, P.France
1981-83Petit, M.France
1981-83Radhakrishnan, V.India
1978-80Okamura, S.Japan
1978-80Felsen, L.B.USA
1978-80Zima, V.Czechoslovakia
1978-80Farnell, W.G.Canada
1978-80Hagn, G.H.USA
1978-80Waterman, A.T.USA
1978-80Hultqvist, B.Sweden
1978-80Crawford, F.W.USA
1978-80Tanaka, H.Japan
1975-77Altschuler, H.M.USA
1975-77Van Bladel, J.Belgium
1975-77Picinbono, B.France
1975-77Smolinski, A.Poland
1975-77Likhter, Ya.I.USSR
1975-77Eklund, F.Sweden
1975-77King, J.W.U.K.
1975-77Gendrin, R.France
1975-77Westerhout, G.USA
1972-74Lundbom, P.O.Sweden
1972-74Misme, P.France
1972-74Bowhill, S.A.USA
1972-74Scarf, F.L.USA
1972-74Locke, J.L.Canada
1972-74Siegel, K.M.USA
1972-74Cullen, A.L.U.K.
1972-74Clarence, N.D.South Africa
1969-72Zhabotinskii, M.E.USSR
1969-72Gordon, W.E.U.K.
1969-72Rawer, K.Germany
1969-72Dungey, J.W.U.K.
1969-72Muller, C.A.Netherlands
1969-72Barlow, H.M.U.K.
1969-72Chodorow, M.USA
1969-72Rivault, R.France
1966-68Saxton, J.A.U.K.
1966-68Hines, C.O.USA
1966-68Booker, H.G.USA
1966-68Blum, E.J.France
1966-68Stumpers, F.L.H.M.Netherlands
1963-68Essen, L.U.K.
1963-68Grivet, P.France
1963-65Booker, H.G.USA
1963-65Christiansen, W.N.Australia
1963-65Stumpers, F.L.H.M.Netherlands
1960-65Voge, J.France
1960-62Adelsberger, U.Germany
1960-62Loeb, J.France
1957-65Ratcliffe, J.A.U.K.
1957-62Helliwell, R.A.USA
1957-62Lovell, A.C.B.U.K.
1957-62Shepherd, W.G.USA
1954-60Decaux, B.France
1954-60Smith-Rose, R.L.U.K.
1954-60Martyn, D.F.Australia
1954-60Martyn, D.F.Australia
1953-60Laffineur, M.France
1953-60Silver, S.U.K.
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1948-50Van Der Pol, B.Netherlands
1947-48Van Der Pol, B.Netherlands
1946-52Dellinger, J.H.USA
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