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Why URSI Individual Membership

The URSI Board of Officers is pleased to announce the establishment of Individual Fellowship (FURSI), Individual Membership (MURSI), and Individual Associate Membership (AMURSI). By joining URSI, Individual Associate Members, Individual Members, and Fellows secure recognition with their peers, are better connected to URSI Headquarters, and are better connected to their National Committees. Each can then better provide support to the other. Other benefits include discounted registration fees at URSI conferences (beginning with the 2018 URSI AT-RASC) and at some conferences cosponsored by URSI (beginning with some conferences run by IEEE AP-S), a certificate of membership, and e-mail notification of the availability of the electronic edition of the URSI Radio Science Bulletin.

Fellowship is by invitation only. Associate and Membership are by application through the forms below and details of the scheme and criteria for membership can be found here. Those interested are urged to complete the forms and apply.



Please fill in all the tabs and fields marked with a (*) and then submit your application in the last tab.

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URSI Interests

Select all of the URSI Commissions of your interest

Commission A - Electromagnetic Metrology
Commission B - Fields and waves
Commission C - Radiocommunication Systems and Signal Processing
Commission D - Electronics and Photonics
Commission E - Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
Commission F - Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
Commission G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
Commission H - Waves in Plasmas
Commission J - Radio Astronomy
Commission K - Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

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URSI Involvement

Your URSI Involvement
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By indicating your interests above and by applying for individual membership with URSI, you agree that your e-mail address will be included in URSI mailing lists for distribution of information regarding URSI and its activities in general or regarding the URSI Commissions for which you have indicated your interests. URSI will never forward your e-mail address to any third organisation for any kind of reason and will offer you the possibility to opt out of any of the mailing lists if desired.